After much frogging last week, I’m happy to report on a project that is having no problems!  During last weekend’s cast on binge, I started a shawl with Mom’s first sock blank!


These are not normally my colors, but I just couldn’t resist!  Mom also dyed a green/blue/purple sock blank for me…those are my colors!  This lovely combination of fall colors really spoke to me though!  I’ve paired it with a heathered beige and so far, so good!


The pattern is Stephen West’s Daybreak.  If I don’t have a WestKnit or two on the needles, take my temperature…I’m probably sick!  As usual, I’m loving this design!  It’s been in the queue for a while, just waiting for the right yarn to come along!  The stripes really help things fly along…it’s so fun to watch the patterning develop.  The simple pleasures of knitting!  I’ve made much progress in a week, already to the point where it doesn’t lay flat on the needles!


I should really pick Sabine back up, not ready to let this one out of my hands though.  Maybe later in the week!  Maybe.

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