Experimental Knitting

Sabine the Troublemaker is still in the time out corner, which means my new favorite project is definitely the shawl I’m working on with the yarn Mom dyed for me! 

I love the shape and wear of Stephen West’s Batad…


It’s inspired me to try my hand creating at cowl/shawl hybrid of my own.  I started off with a basic, top down shawl, worked flat.


I’m now working more like a cowl, in the round.  There’s a few things I’ll change in the future, but overall, I’m getting the shape I envisioned.  Here it is folded flat…


Here it is modeled by John Malkovich, my glass head, and my cd rack!  They did a much better modeling job that I did myself this morning!


Unfortunately, I don’t think I like those colors together anymore.  I see a bit of frogging in my future but it’s for the greater good.  No need to finish a garment I’m not loving (and to say I’m not loving this is an understatement).  I’m seeing grey in my future!  Grellow is a thing for good reason, right?!

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