Turns out I should not say things like ‘I’m making this decision with reckless abandon’ or ‘I zipped along with my devil may care attitude’.  That shit comes back to bite you in the ass eventually (aka Wednesday afternoon).   Just as I was about to be pleased with myself, I discovered this:


That is a twist in my underarm cast on.  It is a fatal flaw.  It can’t be fudged away.  It has to be ripped out to be fixed.  And it’s a direct result of careless work.  I thought about using a cable cast on in the underarm but before I could even finish acknowledging it as a possibility in my brain, my hands had already done a quickie backwards loop cast on and carried on.  It happened so quickly I barely thought about it and it shows.  Had I been just a little more present, this wouldn’t have happened.

I proceeded with a healthy dose of cursing before weighing my options.  In the end, the only real option was attempting to rip it out.  Keep it simple.  (Yes, I did consider steeking it. Crazy talk!)


Turns out, it wasn’t actually that dramatic at all.  It ripped well with a little care and caution.  So I’ve had an inch of setback.  Big whoop.  That’s virtually nothing.


And it looked pretty great off the needles!  Stupid mistake fixed.  Lesson learned (hopefully)!  So back to the knitting.  Tomorrow, maybe.  Sabine is still sitting in the time out corner for a day or two.  Drama – real or imagined – takes time to get over!


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