Weekend Binge

I was doing so good staying focused last week!  Then, the weekend shows up and an uncontrollable binge happens!  In my defense, this one is Mom’s fault!  I came home Saturday to find a box with four skeins of new yarn and not just any yarn, yarn that she dyed herself!  It would have been rude not to cast on.  (all of it.)  (immediately.)

I started with the two skeins of dk weight.  The bare yarn came from Dharma Trading, 75% Merino-20% Silk-5% Stellina.  Although, I feel like it’s really a worsted. The two skeins weren’t necessarily dyed to compliment each other, but when they arrived I thought they did!  I’ve named this one Desert Peach…


And this one Wilted Lettuce.  (Mom wasn’t so happy with it so we were giving it gross names!)  I rather like it though…at least for yellow.


I was really just going to play around, I didn’t mean to start a new project…I just wanted to swatch a bit…


A successful swatch and a case of the weekend crazies led to a full blown project…I’m powerless once the yarn fumes take over…


Right now it’s a basic top down triangle shawl with a bit of texture to it.  I’ve got a twist in mind though, not sure it’s gonna work but I’m excited to try!


  1. AndreSue

    I love the crazy names. I’m always tempted to do the same with my yarns. :-)

    The new shawl is really cool. I like the textured side and the colors work well together. I’m excited to see this one progress!

    Liked by 1 person

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