Mother’s Day FO

Now that Mother’s day has passed, I can share one of my secret knitting projects!


Mom likes hats with big flowers.  No flower has ever been big enough.  She asks for big flowers all the time.  When she gave me a pattern she printed from the internet with a note ‘LOVE THIS HAT’, I knew it was time to tackle the big flower again.

One of the issues with big flowers is the weight.  They get heavy, droopy and as a result, unattractive.  To avoid that, I went with Louisa Harding’s Kimono Angora for this hat.  Angora is light as feather!  No droop here!


Of course, I didn’t actually like the pattern Mom found so this is a creation of my own, just using the pictures from that pattern as inspiration.  The flower couldn’t be any easier though!  Cast on the same number of stitches as the hat.  Knit in the round for 2″, work one round of K2Tog all around.  Cut the yarn and thread the tail through the live stitches, cinch it up!  Voila!  Instant flower!


Only problem now…Mom wants one in every color!


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