Roscoe got FO’d!

This week’s FO is super exciting!  I’m really pleased with how Roscoe the stripey pants monster turned out!  Attaching limbs and stitching facial features are chores to me.  Rebecca Danger’s pattern made it really easy though!  I loved the process, I loved the outcome and I think I’m even going to love going to a 3 year old’s birthday party!  (this is definitely a first for me!)


I’m hoping for a cranky, fickle 3 year old!  That way, she won’t notice when I sneak Roscoe back into my own bag and smuggle him home with me!  ‘Taking candy from a baby’ isn’t just an expression, right?


I made a few modifications to the pattern.  The idea of fingering weight yarn on size one needles did not appeal to me.  Instead, I held the yarn double (Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino) and used a size 4 needle.  The result was a tight, dense fabric, perfect to keep the stuffing from peeking though!  Given my time limitations, I made my Roscoe shorter than the pattern called for.  I knit roughly 2/3 of the prescribed rows.  Monsters are highly customizable, after all!


(Just in case you’re still reading, I’m not really going to steal the kids birthday present.  I promise.  I’m only going to think about it!  I think I’ll make a tissue box monster for myself instead!)


(Also, did you know you can favorite your own projects on Ravelry now…Yes, I had to do it!  At least I think it’s a new feature…I’m pretty sure I would have done it at least once before now, if that was the case!)


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