Monster Mash

A quickie today, while my internet is still up!  Nothing like spotty service to help get chores done though!  Not only have I taken out the trash but I even washed the filter from the vacuum this morning?!?  Seriously…who am I?  The biggest secret to getting lots of knitting done is definitely neglect anything that even remotely resembles housework!!  It works really well for me!

Anyhow…the knitting!  I wanted to whip something quick for a 3 year old’s birthday party this weekend!  Take the Acid Green Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino I couldn’t resist a couple weeks back and add in Rebecca Danger’s Knit a Monster Nursery Book that I also love and the result is perfect!


I absolutely adore the nearly seamless construction of Rebecca’s monsters!  I’m bad at that stuff so minimal is best!


Can’t wait to see his personality come out with arms and a face!



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