May The Fourth Be With You

For a brief moment last week, I thought I could be monogamous with my knitting.  I was diligent about it all week.  I was doing good, feeling productive because I got my number of WIPs down to 7!  And the weekend hit!

As always, I was over ambitious with my course correction!  One small indiscretion, something I could whip up easily for a toddler’s birthday led to an even bigger indiscretion this morning.  It’s May Fourth!  If you don’t know what that means, well…I’m pretty sure you do!

The hype drew me in…everyone on social media had some fun Star Wars thing happening.  I decided it was time to resurrect my R2-D2 beanie.  Ravelry tells me I started it in 2012 and then frogged it in 2014 because “something wasn’t right”.  I never frog things.  Frogging and being vague about it?!  Hhhhmmmm…. No worries though, It’s just a hat!  I’ve got this.


Then again, maybe It’s a Trap!!  If only I had an inner Admiral Ackbar to listen to!  Intarsia before 10 am on a Monday morning?!  Yeah…that’s definitely a trap.  The front doesn’t look bad.  Here’s hoping I have The Force on my side, otherwise, this is going back into the bag where projects go to die!



  1. Lisa

    I’ve given up on getting my number of WIPs down to a reasonable figure. Now I start things with heady abandon! Besides, is having WIPs any worse than SABLE? I think not. Hope your beanie is a success. Stay on target…stay on target…


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