FO Friday – Batad, Me-Made-May & Periscope

Lots of things happening here at the FogKnits headquarters this morning!

First, my second FO of the week!  My latest Batad is finished!

Click here for full Ravelry details! 

 Pattern:  Stephen West’s Batad

This is my second Batad, I barely even looked at the pattern this time around!  It’s shaped with short rows–so it becomes quite intuitive!  My favorite thing about the Batad is it’s versatility, lots of different ways to wear it!  and the cowl neck keeps it in place the whole time!


Design Notes:

I love short row shaping!  This is particularly easy because there’s no wrap and turn.  It’s just turn.  It leaves big holes but they’re a design feature!  Not a ‘design feature’ but an honest to goodness part of the design…so clever and so easy!

I made a few modifications, I didn’t knit the entire pattern.  I stopped a few wedges short, didn’t think I need my piece to be so long!  and there’s a few places that say to cut the contrast color but I didn’t…fewer ends to weave is all.  I changed the bind off as well…I did a full welt at the bottom instead of the i-cord bind off as called for.  No big deal, just minor changes to suit my personal preferences!


Yarn: Juniper Moon Farm’s Zooey

It’s a cotton linen blend…perfect for summer and for drape!  This piece is all about the drape!  I worked at a pretty open gauge and I haven’t washed it yet so I expect it may drape even more after that!  I’m excited for a machine washable garment but laundry day can’t be rushed!  It’s gonna be even better when it’s not so wobbly!

I’m looking forward to wearing my new Batad a lot!  I finished just in time to kick off Me Made May!  If you’re not familiar, click here to see where it starts!  Me Made May is a challenge to makers of garments–whether you knit, crochet, sew or make your own clothes in some other creative way–to wear them more.  It’s a self set challenge, your challenge may be to wear a handmade garment everyday or it may be to wear your handmade garments more often.  You may document it on social media (#mmmay15) but maybe you won’t.  It’s up to you.  The idea is just to get closer to your handmades in whatever fashion suits you.

I haven’t really decided how to ‘challenge’ myself in this regard.  I almost never leave the house without wearing something I made myself.  Maybe my challenge is to wear something different each day?  I certainly have favorites but I also have a large collection, I feel like it gets a decent rotation.  Maybe for me, it’s not about wearing but designing.  I’ve got several sweaters I’d like to design for myself.  Of course, the next few things queued up are designed by other people.  I don’t know that I’ll change up the queue but maybe I swatch this month and plan my next design.   I’ve got several skeins of Miss Babs’ Yowza, I’ve had it for a couple years now…I really want a hoodie, with cables, and pockets and a zipper!  I just need to get around to doing it.

I’ll come up with a goal for myself, eventually but in the meantime, I’m giving my handknits extra love this month!  And you should too!  That’s really the point of this all!  We spend a lot of time (and money) perfecting our craft, Me Made May is the time to show it all off with pride!

And, the last thing going on here today…live streaming via Periscope!  Yesterday Amy Herzog wrote on the KnittyBlog  about it!  It’s a new app from Twitter that allows you to live stream!  Every since Norway hit the news with it’s Slow TV movement, I’ve been jealous!  I haven’t seen anyone knitting on Periscope yet, so I took matters into my own hands and broadcast myself this morning (working on one of those secret projects no less)!  Completely silly, but fun at the same time.  Not sure Periscope is ready for realtime knitting though!  That’s why I’m spreading the word! Come watch me knit!  I’m OdessaBlue over there…

Or better yet, find Stephen West on social media and suggest it to him!  I’d way rather watch him than have you watch me :)  If we all want it, he can’t possibly ignore us, right?

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