Sabine’s Triumphant Return

There’s only so long I can be mad at cashmere!  Sabine’s time out has come to an end!  It only took one little pet to convince me!  I’ve made up for all I had to frog and I’ve even gotten a little bit beyond there!


There she is!  I’m about to leave for a day that’s going to include several cross town bus rides…bag is packed and ready to go!  Today’s take along project was not Sabine, but now that I’ve looked at her for just a brief moment, I definitely need to repack the bag.  I’m so excited to see Sabine and I’m ready to make up for lost time!  I want to wear this sweater…yesterday!

Movie Theater Knitting

I mentioned yesterday  that I used to be an English knitter.  I was very resistant to change.  Old habits die hard.  Continental would be faster in the long run but not knowing what the learning curve would be kept me from switching for a long time.  Eventually, I caved in (thanks to carpal tunnel like problems) and made a serious effort to switch!  I’m happy to say, I am finally and officially a Continental knitter!!  The last hurdle for me…knitting in a dark movie theater!  It’s something I did often and without worry as an English knitter!  And now, I can do it as a Continental knitter too!  Woot!


This is my Necessary Cowl knock off!  I didn’t even notice that I was knitting with black yarn! It’s the perfect project for knitting in the dark, garter stitch with no shaping (I’m not crazy enough to knit lace in the dark. At least not yet!)   A trip to see Mad Max was the test run…and it was a smashing success!  It was an appropriate choice given this clip making the rounds:

Nicholas Hoult Learned to Knit on the Mad Max Set

I’m pleased to say, I’m a better knitter than both Nicholas Hoult and Helen Hunt!  I even fixed a dropped stitch in the dark!  Go me!  I’m off to see Pitch Perfect 2 today…hopefully I don’t get too cocky and mess the whole thing up!

WIP Wednesday: Colonnade

Today’s WIP was started in February of 2014!  It’s been in the time out corner so long, it’s never made a blog appearance!  I’ve been feeling a bit guilty for punishing Sabine  with an extended trip to the time out corner, through no fault of her own.  Not sure how picking up this long abandoned project assuages that guilt, but it has!


This is the Colonnade Shawl by Stephen West (why yes, I am a WestKnit addict, have you noticed?)  It was a free Knitty pattern many moons ago!  I started this shawl when the yarn  (Plymouth’s Galway Worsted) was donated to me in a fit of destashing.  At this point, even I’ve destashed most of it, keeping just one skein to finish this shawl!


The interesting thing here is the visible shift from when I picked it back up (at least visible to me-probably one of those things I fixate on and no one else even notices.)  I’ve added nearly all the lace bits since Saturday, about an inch is from the original knitting.  When I put it down, I was a mostly English knitter.  These days, I’m a mostly Continental knitter.  I’m happier with the Continental piece…because I know how much quicker it was!  Fingers crossed that most of the shift I see will block out at the end!


I’m flying along!  This should be off the needles very soon!  And I’m nearly ready to pick Sabine up again…last week’s fit of frogging is nearly a thing of the past!  Phew!


After much frogging last week, I’m happy to report on a project that is having no problems!  During last weekend’s cast on binge, I started a shawl with Mom’s first sock blank!


These are not normally my colors, but I just couldn’t resist!  Mom also dyed a green/blue/purple sock blank for me…those are my colors!  This lovely combination of fall colors really spoke to me though!  I’ve paired it with a heathered beige and so far, so good!


The pattern is Stephen West’s Daybreak.  If I don’t have a WestKnit or two on the needles, take my temperature…I’m probably sick!  As usual, I’m loving this design!  It’s been in the queue for a while, just waiting for the right yarn to come along!  The stripes really help things fly along…it’s so fun to watch the patterning develop.  The simple pleasures of knitting!  I’ve made much progress in a week, already to the point where it doesn’t lay flat on the needles!


I should really pick Sabine back up, not ready to let this one out of my hands though.  Maybe later in the week!  Maybe.

Experimental Knitting

Sabine the Troublemaker is still in the time out corner, which means my new favorite project is definitely the shawl I’m working on with the yarn Mom dyed for me! 

I love the shape and wear of Stephen West’s Batad…


It’s inspired me to try my hand creating at cowl/shawl hybrid of my own.  I started off with a basic, top down shawl, worked flat.


I’m now working more like a cowl, in the round.  There’s a few things I’ll change in the future, but overall, I’m getting the shape I envisioned.  Here it is folded flat…


Here it is modeled by John Malkovich, my glass head, and my cd rack!  They did a much better modeling job that I did myself this morning!


Unfortunately, I don’t think I like those colors together anymore.  I see a bit of frogging in my future but it’s for the greater good.  No need to finish a garment I’m not loving (and to say I’m not loving this is an understatement).  I’m seeing grey in my future!  Grellow is a thing for good reason, right?!


Turns out I should not say things like ‘I’m making this decision with reckless abandon’ or ‘I zipped along with my devil may care attitude’.  That shit comes back to bite you in the ass eventually (aka Wednesday afternoon).   Just as I was about to be pleased with myself, I discovered this:


That is a twist in my underarm cast on.  It is a fatal flaw.  It can’t be fudged away.  It has to be ripped out to be fixed.  And it’s a direct result of careless work.  I thought about using a cable cast on in the underarm but before I could even finish acknowledging it as a possibility in my brain, my hands had already done a quickie backwards loop cast on and carried on.  It happened so quickly I barely thought about it and it shows.  Had I been just a little more present, this wouldn’t have happened.

I proceeded with a healthy dose of cursing before weighing my options.  In the end, the only real option was attempting to rip it out.  Keep it simple.  (Yes, I did consider steeking it. Crazy talk!)


Turns out, it wasn’t actually that dramatic at all.  It ripped well with a little care and caution.  So I’ve had an inch of setback.  Big whoop.  That’s virtually nothing.


And it looked pretty great off the needles!  Stupid mistake fixed.  Lesson learned (hopefully)!  So back to the knitting.  Tomorrow, maybe.  Sabine is still sitting in the time out corner for a day or two.  Drama – real or imagined – takes time to get over!

WIP Wednesday: Sabine the Cashmere Cardi

With my new devil-may-care attitude, I zipped along and finished my raglan increases.  I divided the sleeves with gusto and now, I’m faced with a lot of back and forth and nothing else!


The pattern calls for two lines of eyelet detail down the back but I’m skipping it.  I think they look sloppy so it’s just knit a row, purl a row for the next 12″.


I’m hoping it’ll go quick…this project is so lightweight, the finished sweater will be only 75 g, it’s perfect for on-the-go knitting!  Just keep knitting!

Steal Your Face

I finished my custom Grateful Dead-SF Giants slouchy hat!   I was motivated to get it to the customer ASAP so I didn’t even think about good photos when I finished it!  Ooops…so no FO Friday fanfare this week.  Just a quick nod to finishing on Tuesday!

I start with a plain black hat and then duplicate stitch the Steal Your Face onto it!


Like much of my knitting, it was done late at night…so these are the only photos I’ve got!


Luckily, it looked much better in the light of day!  Another satisfied customer! Woot!

Now for a little shameless self-promotion:

Click here for your own custom order and the rest of my shop!  

There’s even a couple patterns for the knitters in the group!

Weekend Binge

I was doing so good staying focused last week!  Then, the weekend shows up and an uncontrollable binge happens!  In my defense, this one is Mom’s fault!  I came home Saturday to find a box with four skeins of new yarn and not just any yarn, yarn that she dyed herself!  It would have been rude not to cast on.  (all of it.)  (immediately.)

I started with the two skeins of dk weight.  The bare yarn came from Dharma Trading, 75% Merino-20% Silk-5% Stellina.  Although, I feel like it’s really a worsted. The two skeins weren’t necessarily dyed to compliment each other, but when they arrived I thought they did!  I’ve named this one Desert Peach…


And this one Wilted Lettuce.  (Mom wasn’t so happy with it so we were giving it gross names!)  I rather like it though…at least for yellow.


I was really just going to play around, I didn’t mean to start a new project…I just wanted to swatch a bit…


A successful swatch and a case of the weekend crazies led to a full blown project…I’m powerless once the yarn fumes take over…


Right now it’s a basic top down triangle shawl with a bit of texture to it.  I’ve got a twist in mind though, not sure it’s gonna work but I’m excited to try!

FO Friday – Hitchhiker

I ended up with a mint green manicure last week.  I’m sure it was no accident, even though I did it subconsciously!  It helped this project fly off the needles!  I may have to match my nails & my knitting all the time now!


As usual, this pattern, the Hitchhiker by Martina Behm did not disappoint!  Of course, I’ve done so many of these scarves that I decided to change it up a bit!  Instead of the usual garter stitch, I did seed stitch!  It was still a lovely, relaxing knit!  I’m very pleased with myself (as always! ha!)


Busy day, no time for great pictures but there’s a bunch here if you want more!