The History of (my) Yarnbombing!

I finished up my yarnbombing this morning!   I took some pictures and you’ll get to see them…eventually!  But first, a little trip down memory lane!  I was looking at a few old pictures this morning, they’re still worth sharing!


Yarnbombing and I go way back, we first became friends in 2010!  It came about when a story of yarnbombers in Cape May, NJ went viral.  After holding out for years, I was relatively new to facebook.  Naturally, everyone wanted to share this great knitting story with their knitting friend…ME!  After the first few links, I ran out of responses.  There’s only so many ways to say ‘yeah, thanks, I know.’


‘yeah thanks, I know and I’ve done it’ seemed like a much better response!


So I did it…


and did it…


and did it.


I didn’t limit myself to bike racks but they were my favorites, form and function together!


Some were barely noticeable…


Some were gone in less than 24 hours…


Turns out the city doesn’t like statues being ‘tampered’ with.


Some were far away…(like this one I did in Reykjavik, Iceland!)


and this one in Upstate NY…


Mostly though, I marked my territory.  (This was the local watering hole back then…)


A neighbors lawn ornaments.  (I’m sad they moved away…those flamingos had a wardrobe change for every season, I was hoping to add more…)

flam_medium (1)

This is not a return to my yarnbomb heyday but it was a fun project…


and perhaps, it’s time to mark my territory, once again. KnitLife4EVA!


(If you’re inspired to yarnbomb yourself, the only thing I’ll say is…STAY AWAY FROM TREES.  Mother Nature made that shit.  It does not need improvement!  Pick something man made to cozy up!  Chain link fences need yarn love, trees do not!)


    1. FogKnits

      The unexpected projects definitely turned into favorites :) A little hour here or there that I still think of fondly! I don’t know if anyone else ever noticed the little pansy but it tickled me pink whenever I walked by it :)

      Liked by 1 person

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