FFO Friday – The Extra F is for FINALLY

The Cassette Tape Vest is DONE!  

Click the link above for all the details on Ravelry!  The pattern is from Plymouth, #2691 Women’s 2 Piece Vest.  The yarn is Noro’s Silk Garden Solo plus a strand of Maxell XL II 90 Cassette Tape!  I finished just in time for Earth Day!  Yeah Recycling!!


I say FINALLY as if it took me forever, in reality it was one day short of two months.  That’s not bad.  The shawl collar felt like it took forever though, especially in garter stitch!  It’s gonna be long time before I decide to knit another shawl collar!

IMG_2561 Pattern Notes:  The pattern was clear and easy to follow.  I wish it had more information though, a schematic would have been nice and a few more pictures too!  It’s a great beginner pattern.  It’s got a few short rows but the garter stitch makes it perfect for learning the technique!

IMG_2563Design Notes:  Turns out I’m not a huge fan of shawl collars.  I discovered this when I knit Iced.  I modified the pattern to exaggerate the shawl collar.  I was only moderately pleased with the results.  Apparently, I forgot that when I planned this project.

This is a seamless pattern, easy to knit, less easy to wear.  The result is a giant floppy piece of fabric.  Shoulder seams would give it a bit of structure.  I like the ease of making seamless garments, but ultimately, I prefer wearing seamed garments.  They stay put on my shoulders better.  In the end, it’s all good.  I never intended this to be a daily wear piece, so I can deal on the occasions I do wear it.


Yarn Notes:  Love the Silk Garden Solo!  Noro doesn’t disappoint with it’s solid colors!  I love the slubby texture!  Check out this post for a closer look at the fabric.  As for the cassette tape, it’s fun as a conversation piece but it slowed the knitting significantly.  Turns out it’s a bit abrasive to wear though.  I discovered after wearing my new vest all day with short sleeves, the inside of my elbow was a bit raw…the part that rubbed up against the vest.  Of course, this didn’t stop me from wearing it a second day with short sleeves.  I couldn’t help it, it really tied the outfit together.  (and it was only the right elbow…apparently, I hold my left elbow farther from my body! The things you learn…)  In the future, I’ll consider long sleeves…maybe!

And now, I can move on to my Cashmere Cardi!  As usual, I have high hopes that this next project is going to fall off the needles with virtually no effort!  Fingers crossed!


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