A Necessary Project

Okay, maybe necessary is an overstatement but it’ll be really nice to have and it’s based on a pattern called The Necessary Cowl!  I’m not actually following the pattern, just using it as inspiration…I’m changing the gauge, the stitch and the yarn but it’ll have the same feel.  A simple rectangle cowl that’s incredibly wearable!


It’s not much to look at yet but there’s only one reason I knit with black…to compliment orange!  This is destined to become the must-have San Francisco Giants accessory of the season!  Many moons ago, when the Giants only had one World Series win to their recent credit, I went to Spring Training in Arizona.  Naturally, I toured the local yarn shops!  This was the souvenir I came home with…


It was the only orange in the shop!  (Turns out wool isn’t really a thing in Arizona!?!)  It’s Chakra from Mango Moon!  It’s a cotton-viscose blend complete with beads and ROCKS?!  It’s sat in the stash for so long because what the heck do I do with rocks in my knitting?    I’m aiming for fun pop color on the edge!  Hopefully I do this fun, unique yarn justice…it’s waited so patiently for me, I’d hate to disappoint!  I’ve got until July 27th…the SF Giants Stitch n Pitch game!  Fingers crossed!


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