Batad-in-Progress Wednesday

Last week’s happy knitting has become this week’s problem.  It’s always something, right?  And it was going so well…


The pattern calls for 400 yards of both Main Color and Contrast Color.  I was buying 284 yard balls.  I got two Main Color and decided, quite willfully, that one ball of Contrast Color would be enough.  Once upon a time, I went to an engineering college on a math scholarship.  I am good at math, in theory.


Apparently in theory, only!  I’ve got 3 more welts to do..that is definitely not enough to get it done.

The moral of today’s story…Don’t be a dumbass!  284<400 in every possible scenario.  You don’t need a math scholarship to know that.  I’ve got two possible options for a second ball.  I already know the first option is a dead end.  Fingers crossed that option two works out!


    1. FogKnits

      Always nice to hear I’m not alone in my poor decision making! Ha! The welts are deceptive! They don’t take much area of the garment but in fact they’re 9 full rows of knitting each! The short row section, which by area appears large, is actually not using much yarn because the rows are short! Oh so logical, if you take time to think about it. D’oh!


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