WIP Wednesday – Happy Knitting


Knitting slumps stink!  The yarnbombs are on a deadline–adding a deadline is an instant happy knitting deal breaker.  The cassette tape vest is still a beast.  After declaring I hate it last week, we needed a bit of a cool down period so it’s been untouched.  That didn’t leave much for on-the-go knitting.

My weekend involved a bus ride or three, there must be knitting!  So I grabbed the only thing handy, my Batad.  It had been sitting for two weeks, waiting patiently for a welt seaming row.  The persnickety, fiddly row.  On the bus.  I was determined!  Did not matter that I was carrying two bottles of wine and a bouquet of flowers, I was going to welt on the bus.  It went surprisingly well!  I didn’t lose stitch markers or that third needle I was using, no stitches were dropped, most importantly, no bottles of wine were dropped!  and just like that, I was done with the row that kills all progress!

My Batad was now ready for the fun short row section! I didn’t get too excited…it was to be short lived!  The short row fun is so fun that I always fly through it, and then it gets tossed aside for two weeks until I get around to the welt row.  Not this time!  I flew through the short rows and kept going!  It’s been two days of happy knitting!   aaaahhhhhhh!  According to the pattern, there’s 9 short row sections, I’m currently halfway through six!

There is a tiny little light appearing at the end of the dark, dark knitting tunnel!  Very soon I’ll be able to start the next round of projects that I’ll inevitably be cursing a month from now! I can hardly contain the excitement!!


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