Smells Like Teen Spirit!


I’m officially halfway through this project!   And I got to the Easter Egg I’m most excited about.  Charlie Brown is highly recognizable, barely an Easter Egg because it’s so obvious.  (For those who haven’t heard this usage of ‘Easter Egg’…it’s referring to something hidden, a joke or just a reference hidden within a video game, a dvd, a comic book. Or in this case, a yarn bomb!)

This Easter Egg is for a very specific audience.  Inspired by my high school BFF, back before BFF was even a thing, when we all smelled like Teen Spirit.  Seriously, that was actual a thing.  This is my Ode to Kurt!


I have a feeling Kurt would not approve the neon green, but that’s as good as it gets.  I had to nix the Freddy Kruger Easter Egg because they colors didn’t work.  Hopefully this will still be recognizable to few and they’ll have a moment remembering 1994.  I have!

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