Stash Happens!

I was really hoping to have the next yarn bomb easter egg ready to share today.  Maybe tomorrow…turns out each one of these pieces is like knitting a scarf.  It’s taking a while!

So, here’s the recent stash acquisitions.  Somehow yarn always manages to find me!

This is from a friend’s destash, I couldn’t resist the colors! It’s heavy fingering, maybe sport weight.  I’ve got 3 50 g balls, I’m thinking Hitchhiker or maybe one of it’s cousins.


This next yarn was a total impulse buy…It’s Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.  I don’t need it but I really loved the bright green, it’s appropriately called Acid!  and of course, it needed some friends, so Mist and Ultra Marine came along for the ride!  I’m thinking it’ll be something shawl like…we’ll see, a baby something is a possibility.


and last but not least, a couple Louisa Harding Kimono Angoras for a top secret project.  I’ve said too much already!


and oh yeah, I changed the blog layout!  I did it Friday, which seems about a million years away right now! Hopefully this one is easier to read.  This should be easier on the eyes :)

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