I’m a Cheater!

I couldn’t help it.  I know I could have should have spent my time working on one of the other never-ending projects.  Instead I swatched for a cardigan.  I need another project.  I’ve only got 9 after all.


The cardigan is Sabine by CocoKnits and the yarn is Superior Cashmere from Filatura di Crosa! It’s going to be heavenly!  This is a project I’m excited to work on!


I’m going to skip the eyelets on the sleeve.  There’s also matching details on the back, skipping those too.  They look sloppy, not interested in that!  It’s top down raglan…doesn’t get easier than that.  Any bets on whether I’m wearing this before the cassette tape vest?  My swatch is bathing at the moment.  Hopefully that slows me down a bit!


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