A Love/Hate WIP Wednesday


Who’s idea was it to knit a garter stitch shawl collar??  The Cassette Tape Vest is finally near enough to completion that it looks like vest!  I’ll never, ever, at least not this year, knit a garter stitch shawl collar again.  It’s taking forever.  I really want it to be finished though!   I’m ready to be wearing it.

Also ready to knit with wool again…cassette tape + silk + mohair is not a gentle knit!  This is part of the slow down, it’s tough on hands.  I’m up to 8 balls of Silk Garden, so it’s getting a bit heavy as well.  And I think I need to go to a 47″ cord.  The 40″ is full…this whole project has become cumbersome.  It’s graduated from a project bag to a full on tote bag all it’s own.  SO MANY COMPLAINTS!

I very strongly dislike this project right now.  I am super excited to wear it though, really! I am!  I’m conflicted.  I want to do it so it’s finished but I hate doing it.  If I could just get it finished I’d be getting twice as much done.  I’m doing a fair bit of procrastination at the moment.   I could be knitting be right now but I’m not…


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