WIP Wednesday – The Yarn Bomb Grows!

The idea for these yarn bombs (it’s going to be a set of 5!) is simple…random stripes!  I started last week by rolling dice…doesn’t get more random than that!  Except, I didn’t really like what was happening. It was a challenge to resist changing and inserting my own random into the mix!  Eventually, I gave in!  I wanted to tweak the sizing by one stitch, so I used that as an excuse to frog it and start over!  This time, I’m doing my own random, which isn’t really random at all.  It’s so much better now!


The only problem now, is the problem I always have…I just need more arms!  Turns out each of these pieces is like knitting a scarf. One (nearly) down, 4 more to go!  I’ve got a couple ‘easter eggs’ planned so I can’t wait to make more progress!


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