FO Thursday

It’s one of those rare double FO weeks!  For all the complaining about projects that seemed to never end, it really pays off in weeks like this!  Add in last week’s vest completion and I’m feeling super accomplished this week!  Yay for yarn therapy!  Better living through knitting, indeed!

Today’s FO is the yarn bomb project!

I started with this:

IMG_2522added it to this:


and got this!


So much better!!

If you want to see it in person, it’s on Valencia St between 18th & 19th, in front of Mission Bicycle!

And here’s my 15 minutes of fame, on local blog, Mission Mission!  Check it out for more pictures!

If you want to see more of my yarn bombing, check out this post for some of my greatest hits! 

WIP Wednesday

I’m currently admitting to 8 WIPs!  Having finished two long term projects in the past week, I’m ready to start my next sweater.  I’m resisting the urge though.  I’m trying to finish up a few of those WIPs…spring cleaning, if you will!


I’m flying through my modified Hitchhiker!  I’m partially waiting to start my cardigan because I really want these needles for that project!  Addi Rockets–I’m hooked! 


I’ve got 21 points so far!  I’m at the halfway mark…this is where my inner process knitter kicks in!  The rows have gotten long enough to just zone out and knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, purl.  aaaaahhhh!

It’s just what I need this week!  I’m waiting for a phone call about a job!  Fingers crossed and needles clicking!

Secret Knitting

I’ve got some secret knitting happening.  I can’t show you.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.  So, while we kill time waiting for the secret to reveal itself, let’s take another walk down memory lane!

Last year at this time, I saw a call for artist’s submissions to a Bill Murray art show.  The guidelines were pretty specific.  They talked about the type of wall mounts and lights that would be used.  They talked about not infringing on copyrights.  They talked about pedestals for sculptures.  They talked about Steve Zissou (mostly to say, don’t do that it’s too obvious.)  Mostly, the whole thing seemed pretty obvious, it was geared towards fine art.  It made no mention of fiber arts.   Naturally, this made me want to knit Bill Murray.

So, I did!  Why the heck not?

I knew I wanted young Murray, so I found a photo (the Stripes promo photo), converted it to black and white, and laid a grid over top to create my pattern.  I picked up a cheap-o knitting machine and knit myself a canvas.


From there, I duplicate stitched the chart I made.

image_medium2 (1)

It took a long time.

image_medium2 (2)

I don’t ever want to do this much duplicate stitch again!

image_medium2 (3)

Then I got to the Abe Lincoln Phase…

image_medium2 (4)

I was nervous that my Bill Murray wouldn’t really look like Bill Murray!


Facial features saved the day!


And now I can say, I’ve had my work shown in a gallery.


Shameless Self-Promotion:  Bill could be yours right now! Just click here! 

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled knitting content!  There are WIPS for Wednesday!

The History of (my) Yarnbombing!

I finished up my yarnbombing this morning!   I took some pictures and you’ll get to see them…eventually!  But first, a little trip down memory lane!  I was looking at a few old pictures this morning, they’re still worth sharing!


Yarnbombing and I go way back, we first became friends in 2010!  It came about when a story of yarnbombers in Cape May, NJ went viral.  After holding out for years, I was relatively new to facebook.  Naturally, everyone wanted to share this great knitting story with their knitting friend…ME!  After the first few links, I ran out of responses.  There’s only so many ways to say ‘yeah, thanks, I know.’


‘yeah thanks, I know and I’ve done it’ seemed like a much better response!


So I did it…


and did it…


and did it.


I didn’t limit myself to bike racks but they were my favorites, form and function together!


Some were barely noticeable…


Some were gone in less than 24 hours…


Turns out the city doesn’t like statues being ‘tampered’ with.


Some were far away…(like this one I did in Reykjavik, Iceland!)


and this one in Upstate NY…


Mostly though, I marked my territory.  (This was the local watering hole back then…)


A neighbors lawn ornaments.  (I’m sad they moved away…those flamingos had a wardrobe change for every season, I was hoping to add more…)

flam_medium (1)

This is not a return to my yarnbomb heyday but it was a fun project…


and perhaps, it’s time to mark my territory, once again. KnitLife4EVA!


(If you’re inspired to yarnbomb yourself, the only thing I’ll say is…STAY AWAY FROM TREES.  Mother Nature made that shit.  It does not need improvement!  Pick something man made to cozy up!  Chain link fences need yarn love, trees do not!)

FFO Friday – The Extra F is for FINALLY

The Cassette Tape Vest is DONE!  

Click the link above for all the details on Ravelry!  The pattern is from Plymouth, #2691 Women’s 2 Piece Vest.  The yarn is Noro’s Silk Garden Solo plus a strand of Maxell XL II 90 Cassette Tape!  I finished just in time for Earth Day!  Yeah Recycling!!


I say FINALLY as if it took me forever, in reality it was one day short of two months.  That’s not bad.  The shawl collar felt like it took forever though, especially in garter stitch!  It’s gonna be long time before I decide to knit another shawl collar!

IMG_2561 Pattern Notes:  The pattern was clear and easy to follow.  I wish it had more information though, a schematic would have been nice and a few more pictures too!  It’s a great beginner pattern.  It’s got a few short rows but the garter stitch makes it perfect for learning the technique!

IMG_2563Design Notes:  Turns out I’m not a huge fan of shawl collars.  I discovered this when I knit Iced.  I modified the pattern to exaggerate the shawl collar.  I was only moderately pleased with the results.  Apparently, I forgot that when I planned this project.

This is a seamless pattern, easy to knit, less easy to wear.  The result is a giant floppy piece of fabric.  Shoulder seams would give it a bit of structure.  I like the ease of making seamless garments, but ultimately, I prefer wearing seamed garments.  They stay put on my shoulders better.  In the end, it’s all good.  I never intended this to be a daily wear piece, so I can deal on the occasions I do wear it.


Yarn Notes:  Love the Silk Garden Solo!  Noro doesn’t disappoint with it’s solid colors!  I love the slubby texture!  Check out this post for a closer look at the fabric.  As for the cassette tape, it’s fun as a conversation piece but it slowed the knitting significantly.  Turns out it’s a bit abrasive to wear though.  I discovered after wearing my new vest all day with short sleeves, the inside of my elbow was a bit raw…the part that rubbed up against the vest.  Of course, this didn’t stop me from wearing it a second day with short sleeves.  I couldn’t help it, it really tied the outfit together.  (and it was only the right elbow…apparently, I hold my left elbow farther from my body! The things you learn…)  In the future, I’ll consider long sleeves…maybe!

And now, I can move on to my Cashmere Cardi!  As usual, I have high hopes that this next project is going to fall off the needles with virtually no effort!  Fingers crossed!

A Necessary Project

Okay, maybe necessary is an overstatement but it’ll be really nice to have and it’s based on a pattern called The Necessary Cowl!  I’m not actually following the pattern, just using it as inspiration…I’m changing the gauge, the stitch and the yarn but it’ll have the same feel.  A simple rectangle cowl that’s incredibly wearable!


It’s not much to look at yet but there’s only one reason I knit with black…to compliment orange!  This is destined to become the must-have San Francisco Giants accessory of the season!  Many moons ago, when the Giants only had one World Series win to their recent credit, I went to Spring Training in Arizona.  Naturally, I toured the local yarn shops!  This was the souvenir I came home with…


It was the only orange in the shop!  (Turns out wool isn’t really a thing in Arizona!?!)  It’s Chakra from Mango Moon!  It’s a cotton-viscose blend complete with beads and ROCKS?!  It’s sat in the stash for so long because what the heck do I do with rocks in my knitting?    I’m aiming for fun pop color on the edge!  Hopefully I do this fun, unique yarn justice…it’s waited so patiently for me, I’d hate to disappoint!  I’ve got until July 27th…the SF Giants Stitch n Pitch game!  Fingers crossed!

Batad-in-Progress Wednesday

Last week’s happy knitting has become this week’s problem.  It’s always something, right?  And it was going so well…


The pattern calls for 400 yards of both Main Color and Contrast Color.  I was buying 284 yard balls.  I got two Main Color and decided, quite willfully, that one ball of Contrast Color would be enough.  Once upon a time, I went to an engineering college on a math scholarship.  I am good at math, in theory.


Apparently in theory, only!  I’ve got 3 more welts to do..that is definitely not enough to get it done.

The moral of today’s story…Don’t be a dumbass!  284<400 in every possible scenario.  You don’t need a math scholarship to know that.  I’ve got two possible options for a second ball.  I already know the first option is a dead end.  Fingers crossed that option two works out!

Needle Review + New Project

I’ve been so good lately, ignoring all the new pretty yarns I’ve brought home recently and staying focused on my deadline projects! After a productive weekend, I thought I deserved a reward for all that hard work!  Add to the equation a new set of Addi Rockets that I just got and a new project was bound to happen!  There’s only so much temptation I can resist!

I’ve been an huge Addi Turbo lover since the day I discovered ‘Knit Faster with the Amazing Addi Turbo’ isn’t just a marketing gimmick!  I really do knit faster with the Addi Turbos!  That’s pretty amazing to me!  I’ve been very interested in the Addi Rockets since they were released but couldn’t justify buying more needles.  I’ve got plenty.  It’s not like I need to be working on more projects at once.

A Jimmy Beans sale + a 15% off coupon made it a deal too good to pass up!  I am now the proud owner of 3 pairs of Addi Rockets.  They sat on the desk for a nearly 100 hours before I gave in to their shiny newness!  And now…I don’t want to knit with anything else ever again!  IMG_2551

The needle on the top is the Turbo, the needle on the bottom is the Rocket.  The Rocket tip is slightly longer and pointier!  I’ve never been a fan of the Addi Lace because the tips are brass.  The brass isn’t as slick and my sweaty hands react poorly with it.  The Rockets have the classic nickel plating making them the perfect Lace-Turbo hybrid!  I absolutely love my new Rockets!!

And, as if it was even possible, I knit even faster with the Rockets than the Turbos!  Amazing!  I love my Addi needles.  (Now if we could just get them to make an interchangeable set with a smooth join but that’s a rant for a different day!  I’m quite happy with my fixed circulars anyway!)   I give the Rockets two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!  I definitely suggest trying them out…you’ll probably knit faster too!


Now for the new project…I wanted to go Hitchhiker because I need a good on-the-go project and nothing is better than Hitchhiking but I wanted to spice things up a bit so I decided to give seed stitch a try instead of the standard garter stitch!  I’m pleased as punch!  It’s just as easy to knit so it’s still a terrific travel project and the texture has me tickled!


My only problem now is getting back to that deadline knitting, I’m finding my Hitchhiker modification and my fancy new needles hard to put down!

Just Keep Knitting

IMG_2522I’ve started on bike rack cozy 4 of 5!  Another project that is dragging on, hopefully coming to a close this week!  I’m tentatively scheduling installation for next week!

I had a few other ideas for hidden Easter Eggs but the colors weren’t quite right so those ideas were abandoned.  I have found a few unintentional patterns though…

This one reminds me of candy corn.  I’m not a fan of candy corn so once I saw this, I kept trying to avoid this color sequence.  LOL!


In my attempts to avoid candy corn, I apparently started making Irish flags!  I like that better!


I can’t wait to see these out in the wild, mostly though, I can’t wait to stop knitting with Red Heart Super Saver.  It’s perfect for this project but I’ll admit it, I’m a yarn snob and I’m ready for it to be over!

Free Pattern Friday


In lieu of FO Friday, this week we’ve got Free Pattern Friday!  (There’s finally a light at the end of the cassette tape vest tunnel though…hopefully by next Friday, I’ll be wearing the darn thing!)

Throwback Hat Pattern on Ravelry

IMG_2432 (1)

The Throwback hat is a cozy alpaca beanie to remind you of your favorite mix tape!  The neat thing about this hat is the technique used to knit it, Armenian Knitting!  It’s not a well known technique, but don’t let that stop you from trying it out!

It creates a tweedy fabric that looks like intarsia but it’s not!  It’s a stranding method that has you carry both main color and contrast color throughout the entire garment!  The benefit of this is being able to knit in the round!  I don’t like seaming hats so this is a perfect alternative!

Here’s a video that demonstrates the trapping method used in Armenian Knitting.  It’s from Eunny Jang and Interweave, so it’s high quality!

I found it easiest to work this in a two handed style, one color in each hand but if you’ve got nimble fingers, it can be worked from a single hand.  I’m both an English knitter and a Continental knitter so that gives me a leg up when it comes to Armenian Knitting…experiment and find out what works best for you!

Of course, if you just like cassette tapes and don’t want to mess with learning a new complicated technique you can knit any old hat and just duplicate stitch the motif on.  Or maybe you like intarsia, there is certainly no reason this couldn’t be knit flat and seamed!  Or maybe you don’t wear hats, a cassette tape sweater would be pretty awesome too!

Here’s a look at the inside, the stranding gives it extra thickness and warmth:


and a better look at the tweed effect…


It’s really fun!  In traditional stranding techniques, it’s frowned upon to have your floats peek through…not with Armenian Knitting!  It’s a design feature!  That’s my kinda knitting!

Happy Free Pattern Friday!