F-Monster-O Friday

I’ve created a monster…and I couldn’t be more pleased!


Just like that, I’m back down to 8!   This was the pinnacle of instant gratification knitting!   I’m always a little hesitant when it comes to faces.   I got lucky with this one though…I dug through my button stash and found these two little eyes!  I had no idea they were in there!   I inherited a gallon ziploc bag full of buttons a couple years back and it’s been the magic stash…every time I go digging, I find just exactly what I need!


Instead of complaining about working a hat flat and seaming it, I’ll say it’s really nice to have fully jogless stripes! I’ve tried all the tricks in the round and they’re all just okay.  So, seaming has that going for it.  The selvedge stitch lump isn’t ideal but I’m too lazy to worry about intarsia in the round.  Maybe if I scale this up for myself some day…

Mostly though, I love the result so all the little fiddly bits are worth it.  This hat practically fell off the needles by itself.  It’s not as though it’s a giant sweater.  I can’t wait to make a few monsters now!  This will not be my last Rebecca Danger pattern!

Ravelry Details Here! 


Number 9

All of my current on-the-go projects had hangups yesterday.  The Batad is on a welt seam row, the Cotton Candy Cardi has a knit from both ends of the ball situation, the Cassette Tape  Vest is a bit bulky.  Clearly the answer for yesterdays’s Jury Duty was to start a new project! (it’s only #9…I could have started TWO new projects!)

I thought I had the perfect solution…a cute little baby hat from the adorable Rebecca Danger book, Knit a Monster Nursery.  I had the pattern printed and ready to go, I had the yarn picked out and in a bag already.  Needles were easy enough to grab on the way out the door.

It wasn’t until everyone was seated and the morning’s jury selection had been called to order that I realized, I had actually set myself up with a project that has stripes and intarsia!  No scissors in court meant working from both ends of not one, but two balls of yarn.  The potential for disaster was high!


Despite all the possible outcomes, I ended up getting dismissed from jury duty, I wasn’t chastised for not paying attention, I didn’t create any permanent knots and I found a lot of time in a very busy day to work on this cute hat!  I totally want one for myself now!

I don’t even mind that it’s a hat with a seam?!?  Totally worth it!


WIP Wednesday – Cotton Candy Sleeves!

I not only ignored the knitting I had with me this weekend, but I discovered a fatal flaw involving the knitting I didn’t have with me.  Yesterday’s Knitting Chauffeur also happens to the be the father of the little miss I intended the Cotton Candy Cardi for.  Imagine my surprised to discover the almost two year old is actually an almost three year old.  Ooops!

I’m too far along to actually abandon the project though.  I know at least two more tiny toddler girls…it’s bound to fit somewhere!  and so…I pressed on!  The body is now done!  (and I can finally change that ridiculous lock screen!)

IMG_2255It’s now time to worry if I have enough for the sleeves.  Of course I do!  I have a whole second ball that is untouched.  It would be so nice to use exactly one ball for this sweater though.  I’m tempted to do the sleeves two-at-a-time from the inside and outside of the ball.  Except I’m heading back to jury duty…that might be a bit too complicated for today.   Gotta pay close attention to doing my civic duty.  Ha!

Check out Ravelry for the specifics of this project! 

ETA:  A little note to myself so I’ll remember my brilliant early morning idea later…a tall, close fitting, linen stitch cowl from the second ball!  Would be really pretty with the variegation!

Long Weekend, Short Progress

Made a long weekend out of this weekend and thought I’d make plenty of progress in the knitting department, six hours of time spent in the car and I wasn’t driving!  I tried…


I even sat in the back, thinking I could just knit and knit and knit, I wouldn’t even have to be part of the conversation!   Turns out, not everything goes according to plan!  I made such little progress, I don’t even have a better pic to show!

The good news (?!?) is I have jury duty today.  Hopefully it’s today only.  I’m off to find out…there will be knitting progress either way!  I’m so determined I’m bringing two projects with me!

FO Friday – The Dude Abides

Definitely got my instant gratification fix with this one.  This hat was a breeze from start to finish!  I’m very pleased with the results, except I don’t think the photos do it justice.  It’s a lot cuter in person.


The original request was a hat with a bill to keep rain out of the eyes.  The secondary request was soft, soft, soft.  I used Cascade’s Highland Duo, at 70% alpaca, I accomplished the soft part.  Not sure how well this yarn will really do in the rain, time will tell.  The bill is on the small side, a function of the alpaca.   I could have used a plastic insert as structure for a larger bill, but I dunno…just wasn’t feeling it.  I did run four strands of 1 mm elastic through the ribbing to help it keep it’s structure.  This is twice the elastic I normally use.  I expect it to get a lot of use so I want it to hold up!


Complete details on my Ravelry Page

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(Almost forgot the most important part…if you aren’t familiar, the motif on the hat is based on The Dude’s Sweater from The Big Lebowski! It really ties the outfit together!)


WIP Thursday

Let’s face it…everyday is WIP day around here.  I am especially pleased with today’s progress though!  5 out of 6 inches  post sleeve divide on the Cotton Candy Cardi done!


I still like the pooling, I still like the lace (which sort of looks like a cable until it’s blocked).  Mostly though, I like the way I motivated myself to get it done.  This is training wheel lace, but I still can’t remember it to save my life.  I need a quick glimpse at the chart each time I come to it.  This means I need the pattern with me, making it a poor choice for carrying around.  All that stockinette is sad sitting at home alone, that’s what waiting in line was made for!

The answer is pretty simple here…we all have little computers in our pockets!  I just need to download it to my phone.  Except I need to swipe, put in my passcode and then wait for iBooks to open.  How is iBooks, of all things, the slowest program ever?!?  And then I had a clever solution…screenshot and lock screen!  BAM!  Instant chart at one touch!


I censored it, don’t want to infringe on the designer’s IP, but you get the idea.  Not only do I now have my chart easily accessible, this is the worst lock screen ever!  It’s highly motivating!  I want to get rid of this nonsense soon…must.finish.sweater.  (assuming I don’t run out of yarn before the sleeves end! That’s a whole different post!)

WIP Wednesday – More Short Rows!

Yesterday I decided to go off-pattern with my short rows.  I’m working modified short rows again today but this time I’m following the pattern!  I’m working my second WestKnits’ Batad!  I really love this pattern, it’s so fun to knit and the short rows are easy peasy!  Instead of messing with the whole wrap & turn and picking up the wraps, the pattern simply turns, eliminating the wraps entirely!  It leaves a hole in the fabric and that’s okay!  It’s a design feature (a real design feature not a “design feature”, if ya know what I mean.)


It doesn’t look like much yet, but it’s grown a lot since Monday.  You can clearly see the short rows are working, one side is much longer than the other!  I expect to be wearing it very soon!


See more about this project here!