It’s a hat!

I love the instant gratification of hats!  I haven’t knit a hat in 11…clearly it was time to start one!


I’m finishing up a design I started back in January…it’s a two color hat.  A main color for the body and a touch of contrast color at the brim and in a single motif on the front.  Sounds easy but even picking just two colors can go wrong quickly!  The first sample I knit was black and white, no brainer!  For the second sample, I wanted something with bright colors…


How do I know my colors will work though?  I’ve definitely finished a striped project only to realize, I’m the only one who can see the design.    I’m looking at you Skull Hat! 

skeletons_mediumIf you look closely, because I’ve told you to, you find the skull and crossbones.  Sadly, I was not trying to create a hat with secret hidden gang signs!  I actually wanted my efforts to be visible.  Turns out, technology has given us a great tool to check our results before we even begin!   The black and white photo!

IMG_2365 (1)

Taking a black and white photo (or converting a color photo to black and white) shows us a colors true value (at least I think that’s the right term.)  Same photo as above, I just converted it to black  & white and viola!  Our two yarns that appear similar in the color photo show us they have nice contrast in the black and white version!  Success!  Knit on!

Meanwhile, the skull and crossbones clearly fail that test!   D’oh!   Live and learn!   I always check my colors now!

All hail the iphone!   How did I ever knit without it?



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