Synthrapol Saves the Day!

I was annoyed last week when The Cotton Candy Cardi  bled!   This week, I’m full on boycotting Tosh!  (Not that I actually had plans to buy Tosh this week but still…)

My Mom is a tie dyer, she dyed me some yarn and sent me home with a little bottle of stuff called Synthrapol.  I promptly stored it under the bathroom sink and forgot about for 18 months!  Another tie dye friend reminded me of it during last week’s incident.  What the heck, why not try it on the second skein I had?

Of course, this mean re-hanking it.  With zero help from Rocky.  As usual.


Into the sink (already prepped with a teaspoon of Synthrapol) it went…


Mom assured me, even if the water turned pink, the magic detergent she gave me would prevent the dye from resetting onto my yarn.  Tie dyers use it because keeping whites white is a big part of a successful tie dye so it should work for me too.   I had no reason to distrust my Mother at this point, but I was still skeptical.  After all, she’s the one who convinced me patchouli came from the musk gland of a raccoon.  I can’t even tell you how many times I argued with people about that because my Mother told me so.   She’s never told me crazy laundry stories though.  So I just waited.  The wash water did become quite pink!  The photo doesn’t do it justice!


It was hard to tell while the yarn was still wet, if the Synthrapol had done it’s job.  It was looking good though!


and here it is dry, along with the already knit sweater…vibrancy in tact!!  Yay Synthrapol!!   It’s much easier to tell in person of course and in reality, the difference is slight.  They’re both still pink and blue.  Yes, I am splitting a few hairs here.


BUT…MadelineTosh is the type of luxury brand that shouldn’t have these issues so I’m boycotting them this week.  One easy wash, with Synthrapol and no bleeding.  It’s a bit outrageous that dyers cut corners in their wash and rinse process when an easy solution exists.

And now…what to knit with it?!  I’ve got linen stitch on the brain…


    1. FogKnits

      Yes! Would have avoided the Dexter situation entirely! I’ve got a couple little travel shampoo bottles, I can give you one! I don’t see myself needing it often, but it’s miraculous when you do!


  1. bonnyknits

    Thanks for the tip. I just tried felting a bag that included some silk, and the silk bled a lot. I’ll have to remember this for the future. And while I find MadTosh yarns gorgeous, am I the only one who thinks they’re a bit splitty?


    1. FogKnits

      I’ve had some deep vibrant purple Tosh colors not run, this one really surprised me. Reading up in the Ravelry Tosh group, it seems that Tosh Merino Light is the base of theirs that is most likely to run. I’m still not sure why they couldn’t taken care of it though. If it’s known that this base can be problematic, take care of it!!


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