Thinking Ahead

After a short break, my Batad is back on the go! 


I really adore the simplicity of this design, it’s great travel knitting…until you get to the welt seam.  Mostly I breeze through the short rows and the welt knitting and then it sits for a few days until I find time to do the one fiddly row.  It’s a pain but the slippery linen-cotton blend I’m using, actually makes it less annoying.

Zipping through the next section, I’m dreaming of knitting to come.  I’ve got an FO for tomorrow, so what’s going to be next week’s FO?  Probably not the Batad, but the Cassette Tape Vest could make it — Maybe.  I should really start a hat, that could be done and I have tons of design ideas.  I’m trying hard to keep my project count low–I’ve only got 8 right now!  I could get so much done if I didn’t divide my time!

I’m really thinking about the Superior Cashmere I brought home though, I want that cashmere cardigan!!  …one little swatch couldn’t hurt my progress too much, right?

And so it goes…all day long, from one knitting daydream to the next!


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