Stash Enhancement Round Up

I thought stash enhancement posts were perfect blog content…turns out, Cold Sheeping (aka going on a yarn diet) is not one of my special powers.   I add yarn to the stash so frequently, I’d never get any knitting posts in.  So here’s a recap!  I’m pretty excited about all of these yarns!

First up…I’m enjoying   my Batad, loving the Juniper Moon Farms Zooey.  It’s a 60/40 cotton-linen blend which is perfect for summer!  Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, it was an impulse acquisition…the green was a late arrival.  I had to have it and it needed a friend so two purple guys came along too!

IMG_2252 (1)

I’m also pretty excited about my rainbow skirt so I’ve got another skirt planned!  This time I’m thinking some gradient striping with a touch of feather and fan at the bottom.  The yarn is Kathmandu Chunky because CASHMERE!  This yarn is so amazing when it’s blocked.  It’s sadly discontinued, so this was a bit of a knee jerk stash addition, I may not get to knitting it for a while but I’m happy it’s here!


I’ve taken on a yarnbombing project.  It’s in it’s infancy so you’ll have to wait on details but here’s the yarn!  Red Heart Super Saver, an inexpensive, utilitarian yarn for this project.   I do sort of love the colors.


Last, and certainly, in no way, not least…Superior Cashmere!  I love this stuff as a second strand to soften up other yarns but I’ve gotten hooked on the idea of knitting it single stranded on a large needle!  Enter Coco Knits’ Sabine…an amazing lightweight cashmere cardigan!  A cardigan that can squish into a pocket!?!  Sign me up!  I’ve been dreaming of the swatches…this is going to happen soon, very soon!!


Enough talking!  Time to knit!

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