Number 9

All of my current on-the-go projects had hangups yesterday.  The Batad is on a welt seam row, the Cotton Candy Cardi has a knit from both ends of the ball situation, the Cassette Tape  Vest is a bit bulky.  Clearly the answer for yesterdays’s Jury Duty was to start a new project! (it’s only #9…I could have started TWO new projects!)

I thought I had the perfect solution…a cute little baby hat from the adorable Rebecca Danger book, Knit a Monster Nursery.  I had the pattern printed and ready to go, I had the yarn picked out and in a bag already.  Needles were easy enough to grab on the way out the door.

It wasn’t until everyone was seated and the morning’s jury selection had been called to order that I realized, I had actually set myself up with a project that has stripes and intarsia!  No scissors in court meant working from both ends of not one, but two balls of yarn.  The potential for disaster was high!


Despite all the possible outcomes, I ended up getting dismissed from jury duty, I wasn’t chastised for not paying attention, I didn’t create any permanent knots and I found a lot of time in a very busy day to work on this cute hat!  I totally want one for myself now!

I don’t even mind that it’s a hat with a seam?!?  Totally worth it!


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