WIP Wednesday – Cotton Candy Sleeves!

I not only ignored the knitting I had with me this weekend, but I discovered a fatal flaw involving the knitting I didn’t have with me.  Yesterday’s Knitting Chauffeur also happens to the be the father of the little miss I intended the Cotton Candy Cardi for.  Imagine my surprised to discover the almost two year old is actually an almost three year old.  Ooops!

I’m too far along to actually abandon the project though.  I know at least two more tiny toddler girls…it’s bound to fit somewhere!  and so…I pressed on!  The body is now done!  (and I can finally change that ridiculous lock screen!)

IMG_2255It’s now time to worry if I have enough for the sleeves.  Of course I do!  I have a whole second ball that is untouched.  It would be so nice to use exactly one ball for this sweater though.  I’m tempted to do the sleeves two-at-a-time from the inside and outside of the ball.  Except I’m heading back to jury duty…that might be a bit too complicated for today.   Gotta pay close attention to doing my civic duty.  Ha!

Check out Ravelry for the specifics of this project! 

ETA:  A little note to myself so I’ll remember my brilliant early morning idea later…a tall, close fitting, linen stitch cowl from the second ball!  Would be really pretty with the variegation!


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