FO Friday – The Dude Abides

Definitely got my instant gratification fix with this one.  This hat was a breeze from start to finish!  I’m very pleased with the results, except I don’t think the photos do it justice.  It’s a lot cuter in person.


The original request was a hat with a bill to keep rain out of the eyes.  The secondary request was soft, soft, soft.  I used Cascade’s Highland Duo, at 70% alpaca, I accomplished the soft part.  Not sure how well this yarn will really do in the rain, time will tell.  The bill is on the small side, a function of the alpaca.   I could have used a plastic insert as structure for a larger bill, but I dunno…just wasn’t feeling it.  I did run four strands of 1 mm elastic through the ribbing to help it keep it’s structure.  This is twice the elastic I normally use.  I expect it to get a lot of use so I want it to hold up!


Complete details on my Ravelry Page

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(Almost forgot the most important part…if you aren’t familiar, the motif on the hat is based on The Dude’s Sweater from The Big Lebowski! It really ties the outfit together!)



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