WIP Thursday

Let’s face it…everyday is WIP day around here.  I am especially pleased with today’s progress though!  5 out of 6 inches  post sleeve divide on the Cotton Candy Cardi done!


I still like the pooling, I still like the lace (which sort of looks like a cable until it’s blocked).  Mostly though, I like the way I motivated myself to get it done.  This is training wheel lace, but I still can’t remember it to save my life.  I need a quick glimpse at the chart each time I come to it.  This means I need the pattern with me, making it a poor choice for carrying around.  All that stockinette is sad sitting at home alone, that’s what waiting in line was made for!

The answer is pretty simple here…we all have little computers in our pockets!  I just need to download it to my phone.  Except I need to swipe, put in my passcode and then wait for iBooks to open.  How is iBooks, of all things, the slowest program ever?!?  And then I had a clever solution…screenshot and lock screen!  BAM!  Instant chart at one touch!


I censored it, don’t want to infringe on the designer’s IP, but you get the idea.  Not only do I now have my chart easily accessible, this is the worst lock screen ever!  It’s highly motivating!  I want to get rid of this nonsense soon…must.finish.sweater.  (assuming I don’t run out of yarn before the sleeves end! That’s a whole different post!)


    1. FogKnits

      You can usually change the length of time before the lock kicks in, but I’m battery conscious…I don’t want to drain my phone just for a brief glimpse of the pattern. This little trick has worked really well for me! Definitely worth a try if you work from charts often!


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