WIP Wednesday – More Short Rows!

Yesterday I decided to go off-pattern with my short rows.  I’m working modified short rows again today but this time I’m following the pattern!  I’m working my second WestKnits’ Batad!  I really love this pattern, it’s so fun to knit and the short rows are easy peasy!  Instead of messing with the whole wrap & turn and picking up the wraps, the pattern simply turns, eliminating the wraps entirely!  It leaves a hole in the fabric and that’s okay!  It’s a design feature (a real design feature not a “design feature”, if ya know what I mean.)


It doesn’t look like much yet, but it’s grown a lot since Monday.  You can clearly see the short rows are working, one side is much longer than the other!  I expect to be wearing it very soon!


See more about this project here! 


    1. FogKnits

      I really like this design because it stays put! Shawls can be fiddly but the cowl neck eliminates that! It’s the ‘set it and forget it’ of shawls! These colors feel quite nautical to me…I’ve been dreaming of sailing since I started it :)


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