Executive Orders

Being the only member of the team here at FogKnits, there is no one to delegate the slogging to, but at least I’ve got complete control of executive decisions.  I flexed that power today when I got to the top of my vest!


Arm shaping is done!  Time for a bit of gentle short row shoulder shaping!  The cassette tape I’m using is old and brittle, it breaks here and there.  I’ve decided I like the effect.  It works well with the rustic nature of Noro but I don’t want to break my tape intentionally.  I worried that picking up the short row wraps might break the tape.  Executive Order #1:  Don’t wrap the tape.  Only wrap the yarn.


Executive Order #2:  Ignore Executive Order #1.  (aren’t bosses great?!?)  I promptly discovered that it’s kind of a pain to separate the two strands and only wrap with one but still have to turn with both.  The obvious answer is just don’t pick up the wraps.  It’s garter stitch, you’re allowed to do that.   Here’s my wraps, not picked up.


Garter stitch purl bumps or wraps not picked up?!?  We’ll never know! Now for picking up stitches along the edges and working the collar!  Yay!  My post-apocalypse wardrobe is starting to look good!


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