Stash Enhancement!

For at least a short time last week, summer seemed upon us here in San Francisco.   It was warm on both the sunny side of the street and the shady side of the street.  I accidentally woke up early and heard birds chirping gleefully.  And I really wanted to knit with this cotton-linen blend!


This is Zooey, a 60/40 cotton/linen blend!  Ever since I made my first Batad, I’ve wanted another.  It’s the perfect layering accessory for the San Francisco micro-climate problem!  and, if you cast on right away, it doesn’t really count as stash!

I’ve got the back of my cassette tape vest up to the armscye, I’ve got my planned pooling up to 18″,  the cotton candy cardi is nearly 2″ beyond the sleeve divide…


…clearly it’s time for another project!  And so, I now have the Zoo-tad on the needles!  Lots of needles!


My live stitches are on the short needle, the stitches on the long needle are from the provisional cast on.  Just fold the fabric in half, k2tog (one from each needle) around and viola!  I’m on the welt again!   I was mildly annoyed at the whole slick needle-slick yarn combo in the beginning but I got over it!   I see this becoming my new favorite in short order!


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