Nearly FO Friday.

I have a list, it’s a very short list and it’s not easy to get added to the list.  It’s a list of people who’s knitting requests actually get granted!  This hat is for someone on the list.  He wanted something will a bill for rainy days.  I thought my new Brooklyn Tweed Loft would be perfect for this.  Turns out my friend, doesn’t enjoy rustic wool the way I do.  In fact, he dislikes rustic wool so much, he can’t even wear his Pendleton Dude Sweater…and so, the Dude Hat was born.  Knit from Cascade Highland Duo, a 70/30 baby alpaca/merino blend, there is no way it’s not soft enough.  And the colors are absolutely perfect!

I’ve started the decreases, so the hat is nearly finished.  A bit of tinkering for the bill and this will be finished in not time! It looks great now but once it’s blocked, I probably won’t be able to give it away.   That list gets smaller everyday!


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