Sleeve Divide!

I love top down raglans for a lot of reasons, including the feeling of accomplishment at the sleeve divide.  It’s the first time a garment becomes recognizable as a sweater!  It’s the first sign you’re doing it right!  My cute little baby sweater actually looks like a sweater today!  Yay!


There were several moments of hesitation…the sleeves were looking massive, I stood on the precipice of panic.  Had I accidentally doubled my sleeve increases?  Why would I even think that? I’ve never done it before but it seemed logical.  How else would the sleeves be so gigantic?  But I pressed on.  The damage was done so let’s just see how bad it is.  I certainly wasn’t going to count my stitches to find out?!?  And then I remembered I’m not actually making a baby cardi, it’s for a toddler.  It’s all okay.  It’s also amazing how far I’ll follow a crazy idea.  It was a real moment of panic. For absolutely no reason.


I’m even pretty happy with the lace/variegation balance…this was a risky combo.   It could still go wrong and this is always going to be a loud sweater, but so far, I think it works!

IMG_2162A technical note on the sleeve divide row…half the lace panel goes on the front (or back), half the lace panel goes on the sleeve.  The pattern gives stitch by stitch instructions at this point, I don’t count stitches.  I prefer instructions like ‘knit to marker’.  In this case it would be ‘knit across half the lace panel, place the other half on the holder’.   The raglan lace panels end at this point, the markers can all be removed.  Only the lace panels on the front edge continue.   It’s lovely lace…perfect for non-lace knitters like myself.  So far, everything is two thumbs up!


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