WIP Wednesday – Now with more slogging!

I may have been a bit disparaging towards the slog yesterday.   I meant it, I’m not a fan of slogging, trudging OR lumbering along but it serves a purpose and at the end, it’s totally worth it.   I’ll just keep reminding myself of that.   It’s totally worth it.

Last we saw my planned pooling friend, I was jazzed…it was going to be awesome, I was going to carry my lovely little rainbow everywhere, pulling it out for a row or two whenever the mood struck.   Things were going to float along with zero effort and I’d have a rainbow around my neck in no time at all.   Turns out I was wrong.   about everything.   This is going to require a slog.   (It’s totally worth it.)


This is 13 inches of successful stacking!  It was actually more difficult than I thought.   This project cannot be carried around, turns out tension has got to be exactly the same every time I pick it up.   One small shift in tension throws the colors out of whack.   Took me a day or two of fighting with it to realize that it was going to require long periods of focused knitting to keep the colors lined up perfectly.   Once I get going, it flows easily but you’ve gotta get the first stitch just right or none of them will ever be right!   After a few false starts, I’ve realized the error of my ways.   It’s the epitome of ‘a minute to learn, a lifetime to master’.  It’s about finesse as much as knitting.

To complicate matters further, daylight is needed to see the colors.   The shift from orange to red, in particular, is virtually indistinguishable at night (which is when my best knitting usually happens.)   So, I’ll just keep reminding myself,  it’s totally worth it.


And it really is!   I’m so pleased with what I’ve got so far.    It’s gonna be one helluva slog though…I’ve got 128 g of yarn left, that’s 85% left to knit or another 77 inches.   We’ll see.  T his is going to test my dedication to finishing.   It’s totally worth it.


Details:  One Row Lace Scarf in Wollmeise Merino Superwash, colorway Sultan

My Ravelry Page

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