And So It Begins…

Today is one of those days that’s taken a while to get itself together.  I tried to do some design work with limited success.  I thought about picking up a few of the current WIPs, it was just a fleeting thought though.  I’m at a weird spot where I’ve got mostly long term projects on the needles.  There’s no instant gratification on the horizon, just a lot of slogging along.  I’m not in a slogging mood.  Trying to force myself into it just resulted in chaos.


And then, completely out of the blue, an email from a friend plants a seed and suddenly there is excitement!  The stash is consulted, the graph paper comes out, a pencil is sharpened and away we go!  So far, I can tell you, it’s going to be a hat, it’s going to be soft!  That’s Cascade Yarns Highland Duo, 70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Merino Wool!  It’s become an old standby for me and hats!  Not only is it super soft but the colors are perfect for this project!  And this is a project where the colors matter…


After what seemed like an aimless day, I’m now ready for the day to begin.  It’s only 5 pm, I’ve got plenty of time!  And this idea is going to be really super if it works out!  Hopefully I’ll have good progress by tomorrow and maybe even an FO by Friday?!?  (That might be the alpaca fumes getting to me…)

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