24 Hour Cast-On-Palooza

It happens.  Sometimes I can’t fight the urge to cast on as many projects as possible.  I gave myself 24 hours after Stitches to start as many projects as I wanted.  I thought I was going to start 4 new things, instead I started two new projects BUT I started them both twice…so mission accomplished, I guess!?


The first project is a selfish one.  I’m making myself a cassette tape vest.  I’ve made a few cassette tape hats and now I’m hooked!  I want all my clothes to have cassette tape in them!  This time I’m going with one strand of Noro Silk Garden Solo and one strand of Maxell XLII 90!  It’s so fun!  Plus, if I’m ever an extra in a post-apocalypse movie, I can bring my own costume!

This one got started twice because of a gauge problem.   Turns out Silk Garden and Silk Garden Solo are not the same, despite being labeled the same!   The Solo is more consistently spun, no thick & thin to it, that bulked up my gauge significantly!   I swatched with Silk Garden, 4.5 sts/inch but the reality of Solo was 3.5 sts/inch.   A bit of math, a quick frog and I was back in business!   This is gonna be so awesome!   I can’t wait!

The second project may very well end up a selfish one.  In theory, it’s for a friend but I may not be able to part with it!  I’m not gonna tell you what it is but I will tell you it’s Panda Silk (drapey bamboo with a silky sheen)  and Superior Cashmere (lace weight Cashmere!)…Yum!  It’s an awesome combo!  This project will hence forth be called the Purple Haze.  This is also going to be awesome!

IMG_2134 This one was started twice for gauge reasons again.  Seriously, when ‘they’ tell you to do a gauge swatch, it’s actually for your own good.  One day I’ll heed their advice.  I did a few rows and realized I didn’t have quite the amount of drape I wanted, so I frogged and restarted a size larger.  It’s almost like I did a gauge swatch.  I just like calling my gauge swatches ‘casting on’.


      1. Leonor

        Haha, I know! It takes forever to dry here in London 😀 I’m glad there’s such a creative way to use up old tapes, I’m wondering if I could do the same with some of my oldies…


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