Stitches Stash Enhancement


I stuck to my budget at Stitches…the cash in my pocket only!  Didn’t even go to the atm to fill the pocket first! I got lucky and won a door prize, so that made the budget seem a bit larger (a lovely skein of sport wt irish wool from Black Water Abbey!) My theme for the weekend was clearly Rustic Wool!  Having just finished a Lopi skirt, I was on the hunt for Brooklyn Tweed! 100% American made wool!  The return of the American textile industry is pretty exciting and I have yet to sample Brooklyn Tweed’s offerings.

After my visit with Stephen West (where I picked up the mix tape tour book!), it was off to A Verb For Keeping Warm.  Seems a little silly to travel 40 miles for a Verb booth, when the real thing is only 15 miles away but I did it anyhow.  Fiber addiction is not logical.


My budget allowed for two skeins of Loft, in Old World (L) and Sweatshirt (R).  I can’t wait to use this yarn!  It’s lofty all right!  It’s got all those words we love…squish, bounce, spring.  And, it’s pretty affordable all things considered.  Made in the USA and under $15 a skein AND it’s amazing!  I’m accessory minded for these two skeins but I can tell already I want sweater quantities!

One slight problem there, I usually flash the stash pre-Stitches to remind myself of the unknit sweaters I’ve already got.  Time got away from me and I didn’t flash the stash until this morning.  I’m pretty sure, I won’t need the sweater quantity of Loft for a couple years.

The stash, as of today, no WIPs, no partial balls, no Loft.


Lopi in the front, loads of MadTosh behind that, two sweaters worth of Miss Babs’ Yowza behind that.  Noro has developed into an entire section of the stash instead of just a random skein.  Cephalopod, Vice, Kauni, Frog Tree Alpaca, Misti Alpaca, Unspun Lopi, Taria Tweed, Sweet Georgia.

Don’t bother me, I’ll be knitting!


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