FO Friday – Cameo Shawl

Another Friday, Another FO to share!


I was very excited to bring this fun neon variegated yarn home.  It sat in the pile for quite a while before I cast on though.  I was afraid of pooling.  Good yarns frequently turn bad when Ugly Pooling decides to visit, especially when it’s a loud yarn to begin with!   And this is a very loud yarn!  Pairing the neon with something to tone it down a bit was a great idea…so the stately El Greco was invited to the party and the other guests loved him!  Perfect Match!


Next decision:  I knew I wanted a shawl but which one?  I decided on Cameo after seeing a friend’s in solid colors!  It was stunning but the lace was pretty basic!  Just my kind of lace–minimal work with big impact!  The lack of a themed motif worked perfectly!  No leaves or pineapples to get messed up by the variegation…just a simple K2tog/YO sequence for visual interest!  I fell into a nice groove working it, to the point that it became my go-to travel project.


Pairing yarn with the right pattern is a lot like pairing the right wine with dinner.  You may have the finest Chianti around but don’t serve it with tuna.  It just won’t work.  (Everyone knows Chianti goes with fava beans and liver.)  Sometimes you don’t know until you try.  I’m pleased to say, I think I got it right this time!  I got it so right, that I’m actually excited to wear pink.   (I have never said that before!)


I had a few mods:  I attempted to follow the directions regarding stitch count and number of stripes, I couldn’t get there with the El Greco though.  I started the stripes sooner than the pattern called for and still only ended up with 11 contrast stripes.  No biggie, I just extended the lace when I got to the end.  I did the two lace repeats called for and then did an additional 12 rows of lace to use up all my yarn!  I’m very happy, it still looks appropriately balanced.  I’m calling this one a win!



Pattern: Cameo Shawl

Yarn: MadelineTosh Pashmina in Magic (the neon) and El Greco (the grey)

My Ravelry Project Page


  1. FogKnits

    I love garter stitch…this was a lot of airplane knitting for me, so my inner process knitter was pretty thrilled :) I feel like I rely on the Hitchhiker as an old standby a lot, maybe too much, so this is a nice sort of variation on that!


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