My Favorite WIP

The time has come for the big reveal…the project I want to wear most!  It’s been my favorite for years…well before I bought the yarn!  I’ve been dreaming about knitting a skirt for a long time and that dream is nearly a reality!

The first couple weeks were for the process knitter in me…miles of grey stockinette!

 I loved it!  (Until I realized just how far a mile of stockinette is!)

(just keep knitting, knitting, knitting, knitting)

(at least there were no PURLS?!?!)


Finally though, just went I thought it would never end, I got to the fun part…the color!

and not just any color but rainbow!  


In a rainbow, every color gets love…even the ones I don’t like.  (I’m looking at you, yellow!)  The whole point of the project is the rainbow!  It’s so exciting I can barely focus on anything other than the knitting…what will the orange look like?  I can’t possibly know until I get there… must.Knit.FASTER!  I’m two rows away from orange…



(I might even enjoy the yellow…that’s how excited I am!)

Project Details:

Pattern: My Own Design, just your basic, everyday, A-line skirt with rainbow welts!

Yarn: Lett Lopi, 100% wool, ‘rustic’ is a nice way to put it!


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