Work-In-Progress Wednesday

This one is a no brainer for me.  I have ten projects going at any given time.  It’s my only absolute.  The one rule I never break.  Ten is the limit.  It’s difficult, I have so many ideas.  My queue is 27 pages long…that’s 794 potential projects.  And I limit myself to 10?!?  That’s less than 1% of my current potential!  It’s a miracle I’m able to contain the cast-on-itis.

So…on to the WIP of the day…I really wanted today to be FO Wednesday.  FOs are exciting!  I finished something yesterday, ends woven and everything!  It has backstory though…best to start at the beginning, with a WIP, Jerry Garcia and 200 bootleg tapes.


 I have over 200 Grateful Dead tapes, each documenting a moment in time, special to someone.  Each one has a hand-written setlist on a card with various band photos.  On the back is a Wall of Sound diagram.  These tapes were a labor of love that brought many hours of enjoyment.  One does not simply throw them away.  And so the need to recycle was born.

Cassette tape yarn!! The solution to all my problems!

Now, I’m on the verge of obsession. The words ‘I want all my clothes to be made of cassette tape!’ have definitely come out of my mouth!  I’m starting at the top and working my way down…first up hats, which finally brings me to today’s WIP:


April 17, 1983, Meadowlands Arena

Stephen Stills was there, I can’t just toss that into a landfill?!?

This is number 3 in the series.  It’s kind of a pain to knit with but the fabric is too good to pass up!  It’s spakly and textured, it’s light weight, only 17 g.  But WAIT!  There’s more!  This hat’s most surprising quality…it’s cute on everyone!  Short hair, long hair, male, female, pale skin, dark skin…does not matter!  It’s the wonder fabric!  I love it.

I’ve got a vest planned next!  It’ll use 10 tapes or roughly 7.5 hours of Dark Star!  I’ve got that!

WIP Details:

Pattern: Tapehead Hat by FogKnits

Yarn:  Maxell UD-XL I

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