This was a mistake!

I was going to share my current favorite WIP but that seemed so predictable.

Instead, here is a mistake.  Two of them actually.

Two rotten little dropped stitches, a k2tog gone awry, I think.

They’re jerks.  Dropped stitches often are.  They were supposed to be a k2tog.  They had other plans, plans to escape and be free.  It was dark and they successfully executed their plan.  Now I’m going to execute them.  Sadly, all their well-behaved friends will also be executed.

Every k2tog in this lace pattern has a yo.  The result of missing the k2tog was a yo.  I should have noticed a double yo but it was dark, remember?  My stitch count was seemingly unchanged.  8 Rows later, the rogue stitches were discovered (and cursed at).  I will now spend my morning undoing all of last night’s progress.

Now for the fix…Sometimes there are easy, localized fixes but not this time.  The unchanged stitch count allowed the pattern to proceed properly, there’s really no place to pick these stitches up to, they already exist on the needle 8 rows up.  The moral of this story…sometimes knitting needs to be ripped out.

This is why I like knitting, ultimately.  It’s not permanent!  It can be undone.  Stupid mistakes can be fixed!  It’ll be worth it in the end…stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!  Is it a hat?  Is it a sock? Only one way to find out…

Yarn: MadelineTosh Pashmina in color Magic

Pattern:  Cliffhanger Du Jour


    1. FogKnits

      Good question…frequently, that’s the solution! YO stands for yarn over, aka a big hole. Two big holes right next to each other…that’s just a mess! It needs a real fix, not a zip tip fix. I actually zip tie more than correct mistakes.


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