FogKnits is live!

As I expand my (eventual) knitting empire, this seemed like the next step!  Welcome!  If you aren’t a knitter, you’re probably a friend who knows how much I like to talk about knitting…thanks for indulging me!  I’m planning knitting content mostly…I’d like to say regular features will be the standards like WIP Wednesday and FO Friday but I’m too excited to wait until Friday when I have FO’s to share.  The real meat & potatoes will be the hows & whys of pattern mods (because no one ever follows patterns as written), yarn selection (the real make or break of an FO) and tips & tricks I’ve picked up over the years.

Before I share my first knitting content, there’s a few items of business to discuss.  If you’re impressed with my high quality knitting and my luxury yarns, I sell my work on Etsy.  I can be found there as FogKnits as well!

If you think you’re a better knitter than me and you prefer hard wearing acrylic yarns instead, good news…I have patterns available for you!  Again, as FogKnits on Ravelry and Etsy!  Happy Knitting!  I’d love to see any FO’s you make from my patterns!


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